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Stephen Neil Kwartler

I have been breeding and exhibiting fancy show guppies since the 1970”s. Over my many years of competing in the IFGA I have won many color class championships as well as becoming an IFGA Master Breeder and member of the IFGA Guppy Hall of Fame.  I have always been available to help all guppy enthusiasts from the most novice to the more advanced hobbyist. My fish room is available for all to experience by arranging a scheduled visit in advance. I only sell young true breeding stock between 10 weeks to 5 months of age and guarantee all offspring to be of equal or better quality then the original breeding stock purchased. All fish shipped are guaranteed to arrive alive and in excellent condition.

My Half Black AOC’s are my favorite strain and I maintain several different lines. Having only 120 tanks I am limited to specializing in a few selective strains. Currently I am breeding the following:


Half Black AOC Leopards, Half Black AOC Grass, Half Black Reds, Gold Reds, Greens, Solid Blue/Green Snakeskins, Blue-Green Moscow’s and developing a new Mosaic Moscow.


Half Black Red

Green Delta


Blue/Green Moscow

AOC Leopard


Mosiac Moscow


Stephen Neil Kwartler
2266 Woods & Water Court
Sebring, Florida   33872
Phone: 863-202-0154




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