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Stephen Neil Kwartler


My name is Stephen Neil Kwartler. I have been breeding fancy guppies for nearly 50 years. I am a recognized IFGA Master Breeder and Accredited Judge. In 2005 I was Inducted into the IFGA Hall of Fame. I guarantee offspring produced will be as good or better quality of the parents. I only ship breeding stock between 3 - 5 months of age. I can be contacted by email or phone (863-202-0154) or text. Leave a voicemail and I will reply. Most breeding stock are sold as trios of one male and two pre-bred females. Virgin females can be purchased when requested and if available. If you contact me to place your order I can send you a short video of the exact tank and the fish I will be shipping to you. Special discounts can be arranged on orders of three trios or more. Live delivery is guaranteed on ALL shipments. USPS Express Overnight shipping for 1-3 trios is $45.00. USPS 2-3 Day Priority Mail is $25.00 minimum for up to 10 fish. My reputation in this hobby is very important. I am the only breeder of IFGA quaility guppies that backs up his promise of live delivery regardless how they are shipped. Before purchasing your guppies ask the breeder what they guarantee in regards to quaility of all offspring. Ask what percentage of offspring are of show quaility. My fishroom is open to everyone from the advanced breeder to the novice aquarist to visit. Call to schedule your visit in advance. My website is full of valuable information and tips to help with raising and breeding top quaility fancy guppies




Half Black AOC

HB AOC Leopard


HB Blue

HB Green

HB Purple

Japanese Mosaic Multi


Stephen Neil Kwartler
2266 Woods & Water Court
Sebring, Florida   33872
Phone: 863-202-0154




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