Microfex aka Dero Worms

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Microfex aka Dero Worms

Postby Gregory Dickman » Fri Jul 17, 2009 5:08 am

Recently I purchased a symbiotic culture of Daphnia Magna and Dero Worms. I thought it had crashed, and fed three or four remaining marble-size clumps of these miniature tubifex to one tank of snakes. The clumps fell to the bottom without being ate.

As many of you know, I have an entire substrate of mulm in the bottom of my tanks. A month after this incident, I discovered these miniature tubifex worms (Dero Worms) had multiplied into MANY marble-sized clumps! Thes aquatic worms are known as the best fish food out there-- far outstripping Live Baby Brine. I know now you must break up the clumps to feed your guppies, then they swim through the water like mosquito larvae. Thin enough fore fry to eat, and about 1/4 inch long (about like a thin grindal worm).

As one aquarist put it: "Microfex worms (AKA Deroworms) breed so fast I can't keep up with them. They are the future of live fishfood and aquatic worm keeping. These worms are so brand new to the fish keeping hobby, I'm not even sure if they have been scientifically classified as of yet. I have studied these worms extensively and I am more than pleased with them." They are definitely the future of live fishfood!

Most culture Microfex (Dero Worms) symbiotically with Daphnia, but this is wholly unnecessary. The worms eat algae/Spirulina waffers, or anything dead, like a piece of dead fish.

Here is a small article on them:

A variety of miniature tubifex worm is now widely available, going by various names (Dero worms, microfex, small aquatic red worms). These worms are easy to culture and excellent food for newt larvae. However, it takes a month or more to get a culture going to the point that it is ready to harvest.

A discussion on the culture of these worms can be found at Killitalk Dero worm thread. The following is the procedure I use to culture miniature tubifex.

Place the starter culture into a quart-size jar filled about 2/3rds full with aquarium water. Keep some kind of very loose lid on top to reduce evaporation, but still allow some air in. Feed with some kind of sinking food (one trout pellet, or a few
Gregory Dickman

Re: Microfex aka Dero Worms

Postby mark walker » Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:43 pm

Anyone else tried dero worms? Anyone have any idea where to get a starter culture of dero worms? I haven't been able to source them in the US.
mark walker
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