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The International Fancy Guppy Association, in an ongoing effort to enhance the hobby of breeding and showing Fancy Guppies, established this Breeder's page for IFGA members currently exhibiting in the show circuit. The only breeders allowed to advertise on this page are IFGA members who have submitted their payments for the advertisement. Breeders are listed in alphabetical order. 

Breeders are able to send a picture of themselves and their fish room for publication here and in our ebulletin. In addition they can write your own ad, send up to six pictures of their fish for the web and tell everyone about themselves and their fish room. Breeders may only list fish that conform to current IFGA standards. The cost for advertisement is $50.00 and interested parties can read more about getting on the Breeders page Become an IFGA Breeder


Disclaimer: All exchanges are strictly between the buyer and seller, the IFGA and this web page assumes no responsibility for any transaction, resulting from information appearing in this Breeders Page. We suggest you do your home work and BE A SMART CONSUMER. Find out about the breeder and his past and or current performances in showing guppies.


Ask questions: Are the fish true breeding or are they hybrids? Is this the line of guppies that the breeder is currently showing? Are the guppies available now? Etc...


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