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      JUDGING BOARD     


Jim Alderson (Chair)

Tom Allen

Bill Carwile

E.T. Mellor

Bob Lewis

Jim Gourlie

Michael Soda


Michael J. Lastella

Harold Morgan

Alan Opdyke

Paul Gorski

(1) Stan Shubel


(21) Mike Khalid

(38) Tom Allen

(59) Dave Polunas

(71) Jim Alderson

(88) Bill Carwile

(89) Bob Lewis

(94) E.T. Mellor

(99) Rusty Strader

(100) Jack Mertz

(101) Jim Gourlie

(105) Greg Billings

(111) Michael Soda

(115) Michael Marcotrigiano

(116) Gordon Easterling

(117) John Allen

(119) Stephen Neil Kwartler

(120) Scott Williams

(121) Chris Michaud

(122) Ed Schmid


Pat Allen

Ron Fehribach

Ron Hongo

Gary Mousseau

Frank Chang

Dave Macaluso

Colleen Costelloe

Cooper Strader

Paul Hotz

Paul Muscatiello

Tim Mousseau

Bob Crouse

(106) Michael Raimondi

Bob Strube

Rick Grigsby

Ray Raynis


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