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Membership Information

Why join the IFGA? There are so many benefits to becoming a member of IFGA besides all the great friends you will make! Please see the list below for all that IFGA can offer you!

Access to our Members Section that includes: 

* The Official IFGA Judging Book which provides our standards to help you understand how to become a better breeder and improve your guppies.

* Monthly Ebulletin filled with information, tips, interviews and more!

* An extensive library with decades of knowledge with thousands of pages of articles and tips on virtually anything to do with raising and breeding guppies.

* Access to archives of past bulletins and forums.

* Access to a members only consumer report for products and fish purchases.

* Ability to meet and communicate with many of the top breeders in the world.

You will also be eligible for the following:

* IFGA Points and Annual Awards

* Achievement of the Master Breeder title

* Seminars hosted by the IFGA

* Ability to apply and become a judge.

* Ability to hold an officer's position.

* Listing with your own page in the Breeders section of the website.

Membership Options

There are two payment options for gaining an IFGA membership. The first option is a yearly membership. This will expire every year and is $25 per year. You can expect to receive notifications when your membership is about to expire, however it is each members responsibility to renew once a year to continue to receive membership benefits. This is a good option for those who are relatively new to the hobby and are seeking knowledge to become better breeders.

The second option we have for our members is a lifetime membership, which will never expire. This is a one time payment of $150 and will never have to be renewed.

All personal contact information will be kept confidential and will not be shared, sold or otherwise used for anything outside of the IFGA.

If you would like to pay for your membership via credit card through paypal please fill out our 

Online Payment Membership Application

It will prompt you to pay for your membership upon submission based on the membership option you choose in the forum.


In the Notes box on Paypal you must include:

1) Member: First and Last name

2) Club Name or *None            

3) Mailing Address                    

4) Contact Email Address          

5) Contact Phone Number         

Without this information we cannot activate your membership!

If you would like to pay for your membership by mail in payment, please fill out our 

Mail In Membership Application

Please include a check or money order and mail to the following address: 

Rusty Strader 

1151 Troy Hill Road

Urbana, OH 43078


Include a note with:

1) Member: First and Last name

2) Club Name or *None            

3) Mailing Address                    

4) Contact Email Address          

5) Contact Phone Number         

Without this information we cannot activate your membership!

What To Do After Payment

After filling out the application and submitting payment please allow 72 hours for online payment to process. Once it has been processed your information will be added to our systems and you will receive a welcome email with instructions as to how to register on the website and gain access to the members only section. Be sure to sign up on the website as well to take full advantage of your membership!

We hope you will reach out to other members of IFGA and try to find friends and mentors in your area. It is incredibly helpful to have a mentor if you are new to the hobby and we have so many experienced members willing to help those that are new to showing and breeding guppies! Attending meetings at one of our local clubs is the fastest way to learn and improve your breeding skills. All of our clubs welcome and support new members.

Make sure you also visit the members section to get the full benefits of membership with the wonderful standards, library, archives, ebulletin and more!

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