This is the section of the site dedicated to our members. You may only access this section if you are a member of the IFGA. This section contains all of our members only features to include but not limited to: IFGA Judging Book, IFGA Library, IFGA Archives, Ebulletin, Constitution, By-Laws and more!

Club dues are $85.00 per club and are due on June 30th each year so the sponsorship plaques can be ordered for delivery for the annual meeting. Checks can be mailed to:

IFGA Membership

Stephen Kwartler

2266 Woods & Water Ct

Sebring, FL 33872

; or payments can be made via PayPal By contacting Stephen Kwartler @ 863-202-0154 or . Make sure to note you are paying Club dues along with your Club name and Contact information

If you have just sent in your application, please be sure to sign up below and either use your paypal email or the secondary email you provided in your application. Any emails given that are not either of those emails will be denied.


Also please allow up to 72 hours after we have received your membership application for us to accept your site application. Thank you for your interest in joining the IFGA. 

2020 IFGA Meeting Minutes/Annual Reports (click here)



Opening Remarks – Bob Lewis

Outline of Meeting Procedures

Member Club Roll Call – Bob Crouse

Roll Call – Must Give Your Name & Position in Your Club.

Review and Acceptance of 2019 Meeting Minutes.

Vice Presidents’ Report-Tom Allen

Treasurers Report – Stephen Kwartler

Secretaries Report – Paul Muscatiello

Publicity Report – Dan Proctor

Membership Report – Rusty Strader

IFGA Correspondence Report – Bob Lewis

Judging Board Report – Jim Alderson

IFGA FaceBook Report- Jim Alderson

IFGA Website and Software Report – Bob Crouse

Parliamentarian and Rules Report – ET Mellor

Publications Report – Bob Crouse

Historian Report- Bob Crouse

Awards Report – Greg Billings

Show Rotation – ET Mellor

Nomination Committee Report– Bill Carwile

Old Business/Unfinished Business from 2019 Annual Meeting

Finalize 2022 Calendar Show Schedule

Elections/Nominations This Year Will Be From the Floor


New Officers Assume Positions

Treasurers Report Audit

New Business

Submitted Motions to be voted upon:

Motions from the Floor as Time Allows

Admission of New Club, Clubs to be Reinstated.