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Master Breeder

The Judging Board of the IFGA instituted, at their annual meeting in November 2004, a "Master Breeder" designation for those people who have shown through winning on a consistent basis over several years and contributed to the IFGA and to the hobby by serving unselfishly. This achievement is difficult to attain and should be held in the highest regard.

If you would like to apply for Master Breeder status please see the section below on criteria to become a master breeder. 

Master Breeder List

The following people have met the criteria for obtaining their Master Breeder title with the IFGA:

(In Alphabetical order)

                     Name                    Date Achieved                  

Jim Alderson                 01-15-2005

Tom Allen                     10-01-2018

Gene Baudier                09-22-2005

Bill Carwile                    01-15-2005

Bryan Chin                    10-01-2018

Paul Gorski                    01-15-2005


Stephen Kwartler           09-09-2005

Michael Lastella             10-01-2016

Bob Lewis                     11-01-2008

Michael Marcotrigiano    10-25-2014

Harold Morgan               01-15-2005

Gary Mousseau              01-15-2005

Tim Mousseau               11-07-2009

  Bill Orth                        01-15-2005 

 Dave Polunas                10-01-2018 

Luke Roebuck                04-02-2005

Stan Shubel                   01-15-2005

Master Breeder Criteria

To be initially eligible, a breeder must be active in both breeding and exhibiting in IFGA shows.  The following criteria are established:

Individuals seeking recognition as a “master breeder” must apply to the Judging Board, listing his/her qualifications and secure board approval.  An applicant must have at least 15 points, as well as the minimum points in the above categories.  No substitutions will be allowed.  The Judging Board will maintain the list of all current master breeders and once awarded, the designation is permanent.

Master Breeder Application

Master Breeder Application

Please fill out the following application and submit to the judging board for approval if you have completed the criteria for earning your master breeder title. You must be a member of the IFGA. There is no fee for the master breeder application as it is included in your membership fee.

You may download and fill out electronically, copy in google docs and fill out electronically and email it to our board of judges or you may print and fill out the Application and mail it in to the address provided on the forum.

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