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Public Library

Below you will find 11 articles to help get you started and give you a small example of our membership library. This is but a fraction of the IFGA Library! Visit our membership page to open up a whole new world of Fancy Guppies and all the features of being a member!


Building a Room in a Small Area

By Ed Richmond


Care of the Young

By Randall Robbins


Fish Room Tips

By Joe Scialdone


Getting the Gups to a Show

By Stephen Kwartler


How To Become A Good Breeder

By Mike Khalid


The Makings of a Guppy Addict

By Frank Schulterbrandt

Selecting Breeders

By Gary Mousseau


A Thought On Filtration

By Alan Opdyke


The Too Many Lines Illness

By Jim Gourlie


An Economical Approach To A Water Changing System

By Frank Schulterbrandt


Where Do You Get Good Stock

By Jim Gourlie

The IFGA Novice Championship Award

By E.T. Mellor


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