Selecting Breeders

By Gary Mousseau

Presented at the St Louis IFGA 97 Annual


1: Culling process is most important in a good breeding program.

2: My code I follow picking Breeders (SCS in that order)

     Shape: Without this you can not have a good breeder and never a show fish.

     Color: Complimenting shape is color. Without this your fish can not place.

     Size: This is the biggest factor to have your fish in Best of show!!!!


3: Selecting Male Breeders

     A: More on the culling Process.

     B: The top 6 to 8(3 1/2 months old) from a 10 gal. tank of 12 to 15 Fish are put into a 2 1/2 gallon plastic tank.

     C: There my code of picking breeders is as follows: USE MY CODE OF HONOR (SCS)

     D: When you have a winning strain it gets harder to pick out breeders since the fish are much closer looking and in top form.


4: Females

     A: Same as the Males.

     B: I look for short stout females with thick peduncles.

     C: Color is generally not important but a clean looking caudal is what you are looking for. You want the male to carry the color gene.


5: How To Setup

     A: 2 males to 4 females per 5 1/2 gallon tank

     B: 3 males to 3 females per 5 1/2 gallon tank

     C: 5 males to 6 females per 10 gallon tank.

     D: But never one male to one female because it has low success.

     E: A father to daughter is the perfect line breed! (Closest Match)

          1: Sister to brother is generally what most breeders use today!

          2: Always have a second backup set of breeders.

          3: One out of every three generations to keep body size.

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