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Gary & Tim Mousseau

Sterling Heights, MI

Gary Mousseau

I have been raising and breeding guppies since I was a kid where I kept them for many years and then set them aside to do other things. In 1987, I got back into guppies after the birth of my son Tim. Through my many years of showing in the IFGA, I have numerous Class Championships and Best of Shows. I was named Guppy Man of the year twice. I have been in the top 4 Grand Overall Male many times. I was also recognized as an IFGA Master breeder in 2005.

The strain that I am well known for is my H/B Yellows. I have the most points in the history of the IFGA in the Half Black Yellow Class. I have the fourth most male points overall in the history of the IFGA. I have held several positions in the IFGA and the Michigan Guppy Breeders over the years. I still show guppies today and I hope to continue to add to my list of achievements in the years to come.



Tim Mousseau

Guppies have always been a big part of my life. My father got back into the guppy hobby the year I was born, so I grew up around guppies. It is easy to say that guppies are in my blood. I started showing in 2003 after helping out in the fish room while watching my dad raise guppies my whole life.  

The strain that I love the most is Snakeskins. I have the most points in the history of the International Fancy Guppy Association in the Variegated Snakeskin and Snakeskin Veil Class. I have won 38 class championships, which is the 5th most held by anybody in the history of the IFGA. I have many Best of Shows and have won Grand Overall Male in 2009, 2010 and 2012, which is the most saught after award in the IFGA.   

I was recognized as an IFGA Master Breeder in 2009. I am an IFGA Assistant Judge. I have served as the Vice President, Webmaster ,Alternative Delegate and Show chairman of the Michigan Guppy Breeders.  I have served on the IFGA Master Breeder awards committee and as the IFGA correspondent. I like to give back by volunteering to do jobs that are related to the guppy hobby.  I have enjoyed the time I have had in this great hobby and hope that many years of success are in my future.

Current Strains


American Blues, American Greens, American Purples, Purple Moscows, BlueGreen Moscows, Red Albinos, Solid Snakeskins, Half Black AOC's, Half Black Blues, Half Black Purples & Half Black Yellows

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