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Pan Pacific Guppy Association Show

Show Chairpersons


Dr. Jim Alderson,

(714) 408-8915,

(state subject as:  PPGA SHOW)

Ship All Entries To:


James Alderson, DVM

2170 Santa Anita Rd.

Norco, CA 92860

June 24th and 25th, 2017


Hampton Inn Norco-Corona-Eastvale

1530 Hamner Ave.

Norco, California 92860

Hotel Phone Number: 951-279-1111

Group Name: PPGA


Email for information:




 FRIDAY June 23rd, 2017         

12:00 Noon – 8:00 PM Benching of shipped in entries

7:00 Hospitality room opens


                            SATURDAY June 24th, 2017    9:00 AM Entries open

3:00 PM Entries close

3:15 PM Judging begins

7:00 Fish room Tour, catered dinner

SUNDAY June 25th, 2017

7:30 AM Group Breakfast – Pancake House, Norco

8:00 AM Showroom opens

8:00 – 11:00 AM Fish Viewing for public

11:00 AM Auction

12 Noon De-benching


No fish will be allowed to be removed from the show bench prior to the scheduled debenching unless arrangements have been made prior to the show with the show chairman.




Shipped in entries must be received before 5:00 PM FRIDAY June 23th, 2017 or they may not be entered in the show.  Every effort to accommodate late entries will be made, including a trip to the Post Office on the morning of Saturday June 24th.




1. Exhibitor will determine the class of entry. Assistance will be available at the show prior to registration.


2. All entries improperly classified will be disqualified.


3. No plants, decorations, or gravel will be allowed to be displayed with the fish.


4. PPGA and the IFGA assume no responsibility for any loss of fish.


5. All entries must be born and raised in the exhibitor’s tanks.


6. Fish will be judged against a uniform black background with standard overhead fluorescent, and incandescent lighting.


7. Judging will be per IFGA standards and all decisions of the judges will be final.


8. All entry fees must be paid at time of registration. Shipped entries, which are to be returned, must include return postage fees and mailing label.


9. All tanks for display of fish will be supplied by PPGA.


10. Sale of fish, other than through the auction, is strictly prohibited and may result in forfeiture of points received at show.


11. Fish that are received dead or that die during the show will not be returned.  Returning dead fish can contaminate the live fish being returned.


12. Bags for returning shipped in fish must be included in shipment.  PPGA supports the use of Breather Bags®.  If you wish your fish returned in Breather Bags®, then new bags for the return trip must be supplied by the exhibitor.  If the exhibitor does not provide bags, their fish will be returned in standard 4” x 12” bags.  Breather Bags® will be closed using a rubber band, as recommended by the manufacturer, Kordon.  The minimum bag size allowed by IFGA rule is 3” x 10”.


13. The auction will be a standard verbal auction. Entries to be auctioned must be clearly noted on entry form. It is preferred that females of the same strain are included with all males and males are included with females to be auctioned. Additional trios may be sent to be placed in the auction and should be clearly marked with the breeder’s name, strain and age of fish.  A female must be included with all male fish to be auctioned. PPGA will retain 50% of the sale of all auctioned fish. PPGA will retain 80% of proceeds from all male fish auctioned without a female.  Any fish not receiving an opening bid will be retained by PPGA.  Proxy bids will be accepted.  If you wish to bid by proxy please contact Dr. Jim Alderson, (714) 408-8915, (state subject as:  PPGA SHOW).




        Tanks, Single males, Females, and Breeders

1st place- award and certificate

2nd-4th place-certificates


Best of show

1st place- award and certificate

2nd-4th place - award and certificate




         Tanks                                              $3.00

         Single male                                       $2.00


         Single female                                     $2.00

         Breeders                                           $5.00


         Juniors                                               $1.00



Single male and single female entries will be displayed in ¾ gallon plastic tanks. A female may be added to the male but will not be judged.


Tank entries consist of two matched males and will be displayed in a 1 gallon plastic tank. A female may be added but will not be judged.


Breeder entries consist of 5 matched males or three matched females and will be displayed in a 2 ½ gallon tank. Two females may be added to the breeder male entry but will not be judged.


Junior class is open to anyone 16 years of age or younger that has raised their own fish.

Novice class is open to anyone who has never won an annual award.

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