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Tim Mousseau

South Boardman, MI


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Growing up in the Guppy community, Tim Mousseau was surrounded by some of the Guppy Greats. He learned how to raise award-winning guppies first-hand from Stan Shubel and his father, Gary Mousseau. 

Tim began showing guppies in 2003 and quickly obtained some of the most prestigious awards. He is on the list of breeders who have won the most class championships in the history of the organization. He also achieved the esteemed Master Breeder award in 2009, which only 17 people have achieved as of 2023. He also earned the Grand Overall Male Award three times in 2009, 2010, and 2012. This is the most sought-after award in the IFGA. He continues to win Best of Show awards consistently among various strains, most recently he is well-known for his Greens. 

He has played an active role in the guppy community including judging and has served as the President and Vice President, Webmaster, Delegate, Alternate Delegate, and Show Chairman of the Michigan Guppy Breeders. He also has held various positions in the IFGA including the IFGA Correspondent and was on the IFGA Master Breeder awards committee, and the Founder of the Mentor Program.


Tim offers high-quality stock at affordable pricing. To contact him use the links above.

Current Strains


American Greens, Full Greens, Green Moscows, American Purple, Purple Moscows, American Blue, Half Black Blues, Half Black Purples, Half Black Greens, Half Black Reds

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